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GO GREEN, With the increase of propane prices the  new NOBLELIFT lithium forklifts will be more efficient and save you more money compared to a propane forklift.               


4 Wheel Noblelift Electric Forklift, 5000lb.

189" Lift
Lowered Mast Height 88.4", 42" Forks,
48V/400Ah Lithium Iron, 3 Phase 48V/200A
220V Charger,

Solid Pneumatic Tires,
AC Drive Motor, American Curtis
Controller, 48" LBR, 49.5" Free Lift,

Lights,Blue Light,

SS-Fork Positioner,
4 Way Valve,

Comfort Package

NobleLift Lithium 5,000lb 4 Wheel 48v

$41,695.00 Regular Price
$41,195.00Sale Price
  • The FE4P50N 5,000lb capacity, electric forklift uses AC drive technology to achieve high performance with low operating  and maintenance costs. Its robust construction coupled with solid pneumatic tires and front wheel drive makes it the ideal choice for applications requiring powerful travel and excellent turning performance.

    This ergonomic sit-down forklift is equipped with high-quality components like advanced Curtis electronic controller/diagnostic system, wet disc brakes, Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering (FHPS) and many safety features. Highly Productive - Competitively priced - One of the best values on the market.

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