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3-Wheel Electric Forklift
Rear Wheel Drive
The FE3R N Series 1,500 to 2,500lb capacity, cushion electric forklift offers a smart and compact design with great mobility. The FE3R N can turn within its own radius and will provide maximum efficiency for your smaller operations. It uses AC drive technology to achieve high performance, reliability, low operating and maintenance costs.
This ergonomic sit-down forklift is equipped with advanced ZAPI and Curtis electronic controller/self-diagnostic system and has many safety features. Highly Productive – Extreme mobility!
Available in Lithium also.

FE3R N SERIES 3-Wheel Electric Forklift Rear Wheel Drive 1,500-2,500lbs Capacity


    Intelligent ZAPI or Curtis Self-Diagnostic Display 
    Provides for easy operation and maintenance, standard rear wheel position sensor and display with speed reduction at turning.
    Small Diameter Steering Wheel with Spinner Knob
    Adjustable steering wheel position and seat ensure optimal comfort to the operator, reducing fatigue while improving safety.
    Small Diameter Solid Front Wheels for easy and smooth motion.
    Front LED Lights, Rear Combination Lights, Warning Lights
    Easy Maintenance
    Fully openable covers for easy service and maintenance. Standard Side Battery Extraction for easy battery replacement.
    IPx4 Waterproof Design - Built for outdoor use.

    Cascade Side-shift
    Side-shift fork positioner
    Internal hosing for optional Mast selections (2-Stage Free View Mast, 2-Stage Full Free View Mast, 3-Stage Full Free View Mast
    White Non-marking Solid Pneumatics 
    Rear LED work lights
    Comfort Package (Including Rear Grab Bar with Horn + Left & Right Rearview Mirrors, USB Connector + Deluxe Grab Bar + Deluxe Full Suspension Seat)
    Blue light
    Forward and Reverse on Hydraulic handle
    Fire extinguisher
    Ignition Lock-out seat belts
    Optional Fork Lengths
    Optional Batteries and Chargers (including a Lithium option)
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