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Independent Equipment offers full service, maintenance and repair for forklifts in St. Louis and the surrounding areas.

Our team of forklift technicians have extensive experience repairing nearly every make and model. We offer quick mobile service – please call 636-575-3013 to schedule an appointment or submit a service request on the above.


Independent Equipment will NEVER charge you Fuel Surcharges, Miscellaneous Shop Supply charges, Hardware Surcharges, Environmental Fees, (Or any other new and creative fees our competition decides to come up with)

We can handle everything from preventive maintenance to a complete refurbish. Our focus is delivering value and so we will recommend replacing parts only when necessary. We troubleshoot the problem and professionally guide the customer through repair process. This approach can save you money.

Our Services

  • Fast 24/7 mobile service and transport

  • Scheduled maintenance plans

  • Complete forklift service and repair

  • Pallet jack Battery Testing & Cleaning

  • Hydraulic rebuild (repack) cylinders, on site hose repair & replacement, control valve assemblies

  • Certified Welding

  • Engine Rebuilds and Replacement

  • Tire Service (marking, non-marking cushion, pneumatic, solid pneumatic, foam fill)

We work with all types of forklifts including:

  • LPG (Liquid Propane Gas)

  • Gas

  • Duel Fuel

  • Diesel

  • Electric

Forklift Maintenance Program

At Independent Equipment, we offer excellent Preventive Maintenance plans, designed to save you money in the long run. Make your investment last longer through regular maintenance. We keep maintenance logs and track it’s history. We will notify you at regular intervals to schedule your preventive maintenance. Our Forklift Maintenance Program includes:


  • Operate and test unit / note any problems

  •  Question the operator for any problems

  •  Change engine oil and filter

  •  Check air filters or Replace

  •  Blow off Engine, Radiator, misc

  •  Lubricate/inspect lift chains for excess wear/stretching

  •  Lubricate all grease fittings/pivot points or wear points

  •  Visual Inspection all wheel lug nuts

  •  Check wheel bearings for play or abnormal noise

  •  Check for cracks (frame/cyl/etc) or loose bolts

  •  Check for loose fittings

  •  Check all cylinders for leaks or pitting

  • Check fork pin catches and inspect top carriage bar teeth

  •  Check fork heel thickness with wear gauge

  •  (Extra) Adjust lift chains to allow forks 1⁄2” clearance from floor

  •  Inspect mast rollers and rails

  •  Inspect lift chain wear and chain sheaves

  •  Look for missing anchor cotter pins

  •  Check pedal linkage for excess looseness

  • Does engine start and run okay?

  • Inspect fan blade, water pump, belts and pulleys

  •  (Extra) Pull and inspect one spark plug, remove dist cap & inspect

  •  (Extra) Check and clean battery terminals

  •  Check all other fluid levels

  •  (Extra) fuel filter or drain excess oil from lp filter lockoff valve

  •  Check all gauges and instrument lights for proper operation

  •  Check seat mounting and slide operation

  •  Touch up paint (optional – approve w/customer)

  • Check antifreeze coolant protection level

  •  Check charging system/starter

We specialize in all your parts needs, especially hard to find parts. Give us a call or stop by. Our technicians are always happy to help.

We also offer new and used forklifts, excavators, skid steers, telehandlers & more for sale as well as forklift parts for all makes and models.  If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us. We service all makes and models

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