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The FE4P90-100-110Q 8,000 to 11,000lb capacity, lithium electric forklift uses AC drive technology to achieve high performance with low operating and maintenance costs. Greatly increase your work productivity with this economical, quiet, very low maintenance, ultra-smooth, lithium forklift. 

Built tough like an Internal Combustion forklift, but with the advantages of Lithium-ion. Ideal for your most demanding applications.
This ergonomic sit-down forklift is equipped with high-quality, proven components, Deluxe Suspension Seat, solid pneumatic tires, On-Demand Fully Hydrostatic Power Steering, Intelligent Monitoring System (IMS) Display Indicators, and many safety features. Highly Productive - Competitively priced - One of the best values on the market.

FE4P90-100-110Q Lithium 4 Wheel Electric Forklift 9,000-11,000lbs Capacity

  • Lithium Battery and REMA/Anderson Plug-In

    Fast-charging maintenance-free Lithium-Iron battery is fully charged in 2-3 hours. Battery can be opportunity charged during user breaks and during shift changes which allows the truck to run continuously through multi-shift operations. No battery changes are necessary.


    Wide View Mast

    Mast layout is optimized for a wide view and clear visibility while operating.


    Large Ergonomic Cab

    The large, ergonomic cab and user-friendly design ensures operator comfort throughout the entire work shift.


    Deluxe Suspension Seat

    Deluxe suspension, fully adjustable seat reduces vibration to the driver to effectively reduce driver fatigue for all sizes of operators.


    InMotion Controller CAN-bus Technology

    Advanced InMotion electronic controller regulates and monitors all required forklift functions in all situations to assure the AC motor's best efficiency and performance. This technology also provides easy troubleshooting and diagnostics.


    Multi-Function LED Display Screen with fault alarm, low battery reminder. High, medium and low speed modes.


    Intelligent Buffering when descending to the ground, effectively protects the ground and cargo from damage.


    Automatic Decelerating

    Automatic decelerating while turning, improves safety, stability and operator comfort.


    Easy Maintenance

    Open design for lifting motor and controller provides easy maintenance and allows for wet applications.


    Waterproof design - IP4 Rated.


    LED Lights

    Equipped with standard LED lights: headlights, front turn lights, rear combination lights, warning lights. Bright light with low power consumption allows you to operate freely at night.

  • White Non-marking Solid Pneumatics 

    Fire extinguisher

    Optional Fork Lengths

    Optional Battery and Charger

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